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  • Kerry Dutchyn, Alberta, Canada

    I came to India without any intention to study teacher Training. I met Vishnu and decided to take the course. I am very glad I did! Vishnu was suh a great teacher, Read More.

  • Kit Hunter Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    I feel so lucky to have found Vishnu to be my teacher and mentor. I stayed at kriya Yoga ashram and practiced Yoga, meditation etc while taking the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training.Read More.

  • Jose Augusto Z. Barrochello, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    I came to Rishikesh looking for rest and yoga improvement. As soon as I got here, with so much offer, I prefer to host myself in world peace center- kriya yoga and since Read More.

  • Kumiko Chiba, Japan

    My first yoga experience was impressive! It makes my body hot. I definitely want to keep going. Mr. Vishnu is very good for adjustment. Highly recommend.Read More.

  • Genia Patestides, Salem, MA.USA

    I had a really new experience studing breath with Vishnu. He was able to help me to adjust how I breath.Read More.

  • Vera Sokol, Austria

    This was my first stay in an ashram and the first time, that I had the opportunity to be taught in meditation, Vishnu was the best, that could happen to me.Read More.

  • Tina Schwaha, Austria

    I did practice yoga in Europe before I came to Rishikesh. But learning from Vishnu felt like getting to know the REAL yoga finally. One feels that he is a born yogi,Read More.

  • Burova Irina, Russia

    Thank you, Vishnu! I'm so glad to meet you. You have opened the corners of my mind and my eyes. That yoga classes with you was amazing. Read More.

  • Andrew Lanterman

    Yogi Vishnu is a remarkable instructor. I have been to many Yoga Studios across California, and in just two days lelarned more from Yogi Vishnu than I have learnedRead More.

  • Baur Safi, Kazaksthan

    We had two days of yoga and meditation classes. It was a very positive experience. I have learned a lot. Vishnu has a very powerful and effective Read More.

  • Hadar Fargun Israel

    Teacher training course 2013, December, I had an amazing experiences here in the World Peace Yoga School. The teacher Vishnu and Ranjan was so nice to me and I felt like I am Read More.

  • Maria Kotova, Mosco, Russia

    Thank you very much. I began feeling alive here; my body got strong and healthy, and I feel energy in places I did not before. Read More.

  • Andrew Covant, USA

    That was an amazing experience. I hope to learn how to be as flexible as you one day. Be well my friend and take care.Read More.

  • Ryohei Yajima

    I had great experience here. I learned how to sit, breathe, and relaxation. We can control our life, if we can breathe correctly. Thank you a lotRead More.

  • Shyam Sunder kheterpal, M.Sc, LLB, ATA, India

    Found very high altitude of vibration in the yoga hall and also felt high, Pius, spiritual aura on face of Respected Vishnu ji.Read More.

  • Julia

    I really enjoyed the yoga and meditation classes with Vishnu. Thanks to his open and friendly character, I felt back immediately welcome. He puts a lot of Read More.

Are you planning for a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh? Or have you completed the basic level classes and looking for advanced learning? Or do you want to experience what Rishikesh has to offer to the Yoga practitioners? Or you are looking for a short term Yoga Retreats and courses? In all the cases, you can trust World Peace Yoga School for one of the best instructors' team, comfortable accommodation, sound learning environment and pleasing environs.

World peace Yoga School is certified with Yoga Alliance - USA. Once you complete RYS200, the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, you can begin your career as professional Yoga teacher anywhere in the world. We also provide 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course to students who have already completed 200 hour course and worked as assistant teacher for at least one year teaching with at least 100 hour of teaching experience. For those who want to do RYS500, we have the 500 hour yoga teacher training course of two and half months. This course allows the practitioner to become professional Yoga teacher and instruct other students as a lead teacher. These courses are named RYT200, RYT300 and RYT500. We regularly conduct classes throughout the year. Please check our schedule page to find suitable date for yourself.

In recent years, Yoga and meditation have been one of the most popular spiritual practices around the globe. The consequential effect is observed in Rishikesh, the city of Yoga and Meditation where one can find more Yoga centers than hotels. You can see thousands of foreign faces experiencing the enlightenment in their life, pleased to be in the place where they feel near to the almighty and detached from the materialistic pleasure. You can feel a mix of natural beauty and spiritual vibration. Seated on the bank of holy river Ganges, Rishikesh offers an enchanting beauty and surreal environment that suits best for meditation. For people who want to escape the urban materialism and enjoy the natural peace, Yoga practice in Rishikesh is the best option. During the course, you will get opportunity to tour around in Rishikesh city and explore spiritual life and local lifestyle. You can also visit the surrounding hills and enjoy the natural gift.

The RYS 200 can be an adventurous Yoga tour package soothing you from all sorts of emotional and mental burden, a feeling of relaxation, chance to lose extra fat and acquire the knowledge of Yoga and Spiritual practice for the attainment of self-understanding, detachment from earthly tensions and sound health. The World Peace Yoga School designs the 200 hour Yoga teacher training course for beginners to intermediate and advanced level Yoga practitioners who are completely new to the field, who have practiced Yoga to some extent and have the basic knowledge of this divine practice; and those who have been into it from years and want to revitalize their soul practicing Yoga in the holy bank of river Ganges.

The 200 hour Yoga TTC is easy to learn for the beginners and provides a new passion and energy to the regular Yoga practitioners. Practicing Yoga in Rishikesh is itself a divine experience that all the Yoga enthusiasts around the world dream to experience. The World Peace Yoga School have been receiving inquiries from individuals around the globe regarding the course schedule, training dates, Yoga teachers/instructors, and other facilities provided by the School. The students get chance to practice Yoga on the bank of Ganga river, the early morning air and evening chill in Rishikesh are treasures for many to transmit to their friends, coworkers, relatives and others who are planning Yoga Classes in Rishikesh, UK, India.

Besides, the RYS 500 also targets the Yoga enthusiasts around the globe to plan a Yoga tour package with the World Peace Yoga School and enjoy the beauty of spiritual skill in the city where Yoga and Meditation originated. The teachers and students cooperation, love and sound practice of Yogic postures and transmission of the knowledge through various methodologies makes the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training a special Yoga package with the Yoga School.

The 300 Hour Yoga Training Course is primarily designed for RYT 200 holders who have completed 100 hour of teaching. The individuals can become RYT 500 after completing the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. The individual will be registered E-RYT 200, RYT 500 after gaining 2 years teaching experience with at least 1,000 hour Yoga classes. The E-RYT 200, RYT 500 is eligible to provide education classes and workshops to other teachers along with acting as Lead Trainer of 200-hour teacher training program.

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course will lead the practitioner to become registered RYT 500 after completing 100 hour of teaching. The individual could have first completed 200 Hour training, gained an experience of 100 hour teaching and then again completed a 300 Hour course. RYT 500 holder is able to provide continuing education classes and workshops to other teachers. When the individual gains at least 1,000 hour of teaching experience in at least 2 years time period, the person becomes certified E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and can provide continuing education classes and workshops to other teachers and can be a Lead Trainer of a 200-hour teacher training program. The practitioner when gains at least 2,000 hour of teaching experience and teaches for at least 4 years after the completion of RYS 200 or RYS 500, s/he can be registered E-RYT 500. This person can provide continuing education classes and workshops to other teachers and can be a Lead Trainer of a 200-hour, 300-hour, or 500-hour teacher training program.

About Rishikesh (India)

Hrishikesh is another name of Rishikesh. The word Hrishikesh is derived from the name of lord Vishnu (the god of senses in Hinduism) as Rishikesh is the gateway to Badrinath, one of the four major pilgrimages in India. Badrinath is the shrine of lord Vishnu.

Bestowed upon the lap of Himalayas, if we search Rishikesh in Hindu holy epics and mythologies, we can explore that the land gets its mention in ancient eras and in history where only few places of India are listed. Rishikesh was the city of sages and saints. Sages and saints blessed this place with their knowledge, deep meditative energies and spiritual vibrations. Rishikesh derives the Yoga and meditation from ages back till date. The eastern Yogic knowledge believed to be passed by lord Shiva (the lord of lords) is transmitted from generations to generations. Rishikesh is widely known as the Yoga capital all over the world.

Rishikesh is the city where you can find more Ashrams, Yoga halls and meditation centers than the usual Indian hotels and Dhabas prevalent in other cities of the country. An ideal place for spiritual practitioners, the river Ganges (Ganga) dividing the city into two parts adds the soothing pleasure to eyes as well as mind.

World Peace Yoga Center sits a few minutes away from the holy Ganga. The students can experience morning and evening breeze touching their body and energizing the soul. Rishikesh offers a blend of holiness and spiritual vibrations mixed with the natural beauty nearby mountains pose. River Ganga competes with the beauty and adds charms when it is the rafting season. Many Yoga students in Rishikesh prefer to enjoy the white river rafting from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh in the exciting waves of Ganges. The mesmerizing view of surrounding hills, hoolas (bridges) and the temples supplement to the enchantments.

Weather in Rishikesh The weather in Rishikesh is moderate during the summer and cold during winter. As the melting ice from Gangotri directly come down to Rishikesh, Ganga mostly remain full, gorgeous and cold. People love to take dip into the holy Ganga during the summer not just to be washed away of sins but also to experience the pleasing cold water it offers. During winter, no one usually dares enter the Ganga. Surrounded by hills and holding the river Ganga in its bosom.

Important Note :-

We recommend you to book in advance because there are limited seats for Yoga Teacher Training Course.

To book seats, you need to make advance payment of US$200. Advance payment is non-refundable but you can change the joining dates within 6 (six) months from the actual booking date. We are flexible to extend the duration of daily yoga classes from 90 minutes to 120 minutes, if required. Weather conditions may lead to change in the daily schedule.

Our Yoga TTC courses in Rishikesh

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